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Dog Grooming Asheville NC - A Safe Place for Your Pet...

If you typed in '
Dog Grooming Asheville NC ' then your in the right place and here's why...

We have been grooming dogs longer than we can remember. With all the different things you can have done to help your pet stay happy and healthy, we have zeroed in on the most beneficial aspects and we bring them to you and your pet here. Having your pet look and feel their best is the top of the list for most pet owners out there. Whether it's a quick cut or the works, we have the experience, trust and credibility most experts are looking for.

With the way the world moves today most folks simply don't have the time to take their pet in for a quarterly grooming. This type of thing helps to reduce your pet picking up things outside and also gives us a chance to check your pet for anything that may be of harm to them too. Out caring and professional staff is here for you. Ask all the questions you like (we'll make more...lol).

Dog Grooming Asheville NC - What to Look for in a Groomer...?

I wanted to talk to you about a few things I feel are crucial to ask and look over before you hire a groomer for your pet. Here are 5 things I recommend taking into consideration.

  • Experience - There's no substitute for this one. Either you have cut dog hair before professionally or not. Some folks want your dog to be their guinea pig (first timers). No one here fits that description and we've all been doing the grooming thing ever since we were old enough to speak.
  • Cleanliness - you do not want your pet catching 'kennel cough' or other airborne illnesses. Make sure the groomer has disinfected everything properly since this can be a source for sickness and other airborne diseases. 
  •  Friendliness -  Believe it or not but some folks should NOT be grooming pets. That is to say they shouldn't be even in the vicinity of your pet. The groomer should always be friendly towards you and your pet. If for ANY reason you believe this not to be the case, walk away.
  • Testimonials - Make sure they have other folks giving them the thumbs up as part of your due diligence. When other folks say good things it means more than if the groomer is standing on his/her soapbox. Pay close attention to this one.
  • Avoid 'Shop Hopping' - This is the practice of jumping around for groomers. Not only can this become a source of anxiety for your pet, but it can also make your dog uncomfortable in the presence of groomers (not good). Try and choose one place and stick with it (your dog will thank you for it).
If you just keep the 5 things above in your questions arsenal then you'll be good to go for a while.

Dog Grooming Asheville NC - Conclusion...

It's always a good idea to ask for formal references too. Normally you have to ask for a list of references but if folks have nothing to hide this shouldn't be a problem. If for some reason they cannot provide you with this type of info then it might be best to get a second opinion or just simply look elsewhere. You shouldn't have any problems here and they should just give you the references. Remember, if they seem weird or sketchy, keep walking.

If you would like to find out more about some of the grade A specials we have going on right now (some of which are expiring soon) simply send us a quick message here.
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